Dentures Over Implants

Dentures over implants are attached to two or more dental implants. You will be able to chew with confidence and no hassle of worrying if the denture will fall out, or loose suction in the denture and the denture may become loose in the mouth. You can chew a variety of foods, and your sense of taste is unaffected. Your dentures can be removed for cleaning, and the need for denture adhesive will be eliminated.

  • Sustain natural bone, and minimize further bone loss, due to bone stimulation.
  • Dental implants are accepted by dental professionals for as a successful and trusted method of tooth replacement used today
  •  Implants provide stability and comfort for replacement teeth
  •  Act like your natural tooth root and firmness
  •  Dental implants are made of biocompatible materials, and therefore they are accepted by your body
  •  Your implants will last you a lifetime with appropriate good oral hygiene


Understanding implant process

A missing tooth can’t be grown but it could be replaced with a false tooth that would work similar to the original and look real. Implants are quite popular and the use of latest technology has also helped the process.

Look at the advantages of replacing missing tooth or filling the edentulous area:

  • You would be able to chew food items
  • You would be able to enjoy food and drink
  • The replaced tooth would support your facial muscles
  • Replacing missing teeth would give you confidence to interact with people without covering your face
  • There would be ease in pronouncing words or names as the replaced tooth would support your lips and tongue

Replacing a missing tooth or filling an edentulous area is a process where you could get removable or permanent replacement that you could be remove as and when required.

For Implants, visit an expert that would understands your needs and is in a position to customize the solution to suit to your needs. Explore the options, discuss your needs and choose the replacement that you are comfortable with. Let an expert explain to you, so may have a better understanding of.